Indirect Emissions from the Generation of Purchased Electricity
(Scope 2 Emissions)


This framework allows you to view Indirect Emissions arising from the Generation of Purchased Electricity (Scope 2 Emissions). The emissions are allocated to economic sectors consistent with the 2006 Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)

Scope 2 emissions can be examined in conjunction with Scope 1 emissions to gain a broader understanding of the emissions resulting across the economy from activity within each economic sector. Caution should be taken when analysing combined emissions due to the different conceptual bases of the emission estimates.


  1. Select the Inventory Year from the drop-down menu (default is set to current inventory year).
  2. Select the Location from the drop-down menu (default is set to Australia).
  3. To toggle and activate the ANZSIC Sectors dropdown, select the triangle located to the left of Total of all Economic ANZSIC Sectors.
  4. Once the Sector dropdown has been activated, you will see 8 sub-sectors. You can use the previous toggling process to navigate deeper within the sector hierarchy.
  5. As you navigate the ANZSIC Sector hierarchy, you may choose any number of sub-sectors by ticking the option boxes.
  6. Once you have made your ANZSIC Sector selections, you may close the Sector hierarchy by toggling the Hide switch located to the right of the Sectors heading. Your selections will be stored until you are ready to process the query.
  7. Click the button to initiate your query.
  8. The page will return the data for the selections you have specified.
  9. To view a time-series graph of the data, please click View Chart in the Trend Graph column. This will open a new screen with the graph displayed.


  1. Once query has been calculated, you can copy displayed table to a CSV file by clicking on button. Please note within the CSV file, we use semicolon ";" character as the field separator.