Standard Search

  1. Enter your search query into the entry field, as shown above.
  2. Click Search AGEIS
  3. The results of your search are displayed against specific dimensions. Where these dimensions contain your search term, “Click triangle to view … result list” is displayed below. Where this statement is shown in grey, there have been no matches with your search term. search-2
  4. Click on the Expand button to display a list of matches with your search term within a given dimension. search-3
  5. To view emissions associated with your search term click the button in the View Emissions column. This will take you to the View Emissions Results page where you can do further processing of your query.
  6. Note that there may be more than one relevant entry for your search. For example, emissions from agriculture comprise both those from the UNFCCC agriculture sector and also fuel combustion from agricultural industries (under energy).