Scope 2 emissions - Indirect emissions from purchased electricity

Inventory Year and Location


AUSTRALIA: Indirect CO2-e Emissions from the Generation of Purchased Electricity (Scope 2 Emissions), 2020
ANZSICGg (1,000 Tonnes)Trend Graph
A Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing1,319.19
B Mining26,929.92
C Manufacturing34,925.78
D Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services20,055.92
26 Electricity Supply17,113.20
27 Gas Supply17.48
28 Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services2,925.24
E Construction177.78
F - H, J - S Commercial Services44,455.56
I Transport, Postal and Warehousing4,383.87
NA Residential39,713.28

Note: The figures above represent indirect (scope 2) emissions from the generation of purchased electricity. For completeness, the allocation of scope 2 emissions includes the electricity and gas supply sector (including electricity for generator's own use). Direct emissions from each ANZSIC sector can be viewed on the Emission page.