View State Greenhouse Gas Inventory Emissions Comparison


This process allows you to view Emissions Results for a particular sector by states and sub-sectors. The default setting provides an overview of emissions for all States and Territories - by sub-sector for CO2-equivalent emissions according to Kyoto Protocol accounting provisions. You may choose alternative settings by following the process below.


  1. Select the States and/or Australia by ticking appropriate boxes.
  2. Select the Inventory Year from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Sector from the drop-down menu (default is set at all sectors). Next to the Sector header, you may also specify the level(s) at which your emissions results are returned by selecting one of three choices "Selected level only", "Selected and one level below", "Selected and two levels below".
  4. You may navigate to the desired sub-sectoral level using the "Expand" Expand and "Collapse" Collapse buttons.
  5. Currently selected sector is marked with Selected sign and its name is displayed next to Sector title.
  6. Select the Gas from the drop-down menu in manner similar to navigation through Sector tree.
  7. If available, based on your previous choices, i.e. you have chosen the Energy Sector, you may also select the Fuel in manner similar to navigation through Sector selection.
  8. Click to initiate your query.
  9. The page will return the data for the selections you have specified.


  1. If you are using Internet Explorer you can copy displayed results to clipboard by clicking on "Copy to Clipboard" hyperlink.
  2. You can also copy displayed table to a CSV file by clicking on " Copy To CSV File" hyperlink. Please note that we use semicolon ";" character as the field separator.
  3. The difference between the National and the sum of the State and Territories emissions (less than 0.2%) reflects the inclusion of military transport in the national inventory and a small balancing item.
  4. The NSW inventory includes ACT emissions from the Stationary Energy sector.